The Surroundings


Cynergi encourages creativity as the common language

The grounds surrounding Cynergi are comprised of 7,000+ square feet of intelligent retail options and open, outdoor corridors. The inviting exterior ground schematic delivers endless potential for organic living, adventurous dining and tasteful imbibing. The respect and integration with the existing community is of paramount importance.

Perforated, stainless steel awnings filter out light, not life. Cynergi encourages creativity as the common language for communication within a uniquely artistic atmosphere.

Rooftop pool area: Enjoy our rooftop pool surrounded by generous 8' deep balconies to throw a party, cocktail, or host an event. With enough space (700 sq/ft) to showcase big screen projections or movies. This exclusive area of the building is available to tenants and to the public by reservation only.

Walking area: Around the Cynergi building there's a walking-dog area to enjoy the outdoors while exercising with your best four-legged friend.